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Vocal Nova Academy

Where Every Voice Shines!

Vocal Director Bianca Brown


Vocal Nova Academy is a platform that offers a bespoke service, enabling all with a creative light to shine!


With over 14 years of experience, Bianca is an award winning Vocal teacher who has had the privilege of working with a diverse array of creatives, enhancing individual craft and artistry via Vocal and Performance technique.


She immersed herself into music at the vibrant age of 15 academically, which then progressed into teaching and collaborating with various musicians throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East as a Vocal arranger, Vocal coach and Backing vocalist.


Her musical background includes Commercial Songwriting, Vocal arranging for International Artists, Choirs, Performing Arts Academy's and more.

Lessons are available to all aged 7 years old and above.

Her voice and coaching expertise caters for musical styles including: Gospel, Indie, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Pop, RnB and soul.


Graded certification is also available. This includes: School examinations such as GCSEs and independent exam boards.

Vocal Nova Academy is also a proud advocate of 

The Arts Award UK.

"I cannot wait to join you on your Singing Journey,

See You Soon!"



Vocal Nova's, this year is the year of Artistry;

if you didn`t know, now`s the time!

Meet Vocal Nova Mila Knight, using her voice, so you are empowered to use yours! Dive into Mila's captivating soundscape, where empowering narratives and soulful authenticity converge in a symphony of resilience. Hailing from New Jersey USA, with Trinidadian roots, Mila's debut single is out now on all streaming platforms.

It is a transformative journey through life's highs and lows, blending Soul and Country.

Check out the majestic Mila Knight and subscribe now to to experience the healing power of authentic storytelling.

Finally if you did not know, here are a few ways you can stay connected with us and catch our vocal director in action: Via You tube, where the vibrant Vocal Nova Community connect,  and Bianca discusses all things Voice.

And of course we cannot forget our long awaited:

`S.L.Y.M Level One' - Online vocal course is available now!

Head over to our online courses page to find out more!

'May this year be a phenomenal one,

for you and your voice'

Bianca - Vocal Director

Book now

1 on 1 Private Singing Lessons

1-2-1 Vocal Lessons

Adult lessons

£45-(55 minutes)

Express Adult Lessons

£20-(20 Minutes)

Child lessons 7-13years old*

£23-(30 Minutes)

Online lessons are also available via Zoom.

Block bookings and Artist packages are also available, please contact us for further details.

Group or Choral Workshops

Vocal nova academy group workshops, are designed to cater for your specified needs, via a holistic and innovative approach.


Our workshops include: Complete vocal and performance technique, Confidence building and Music Therapy.


All workshops are facilitated Face to Face or Online.

group singing lessons uk
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Online Courses

Become an interactive learner and try our online courses which allow you to learn from the comfort of your own home or on the go!


We've put together over an hours worth of video content in the form of bitesize tutorials to help you elevate your craft.


Our current course 'Sing Like You Mean It - L1' is suitable for all vocal abilities is now available for a one off payment of £49.99


Bianca is a one in a million type of person. She doesn't just teach music and vocal arrangements, she brings songs to life! I've known and worked with/under Bianca for over 9 years and her vocal training has been transformational to not only myself but, many students within Aston Performing Arts Academy. Many of whom have gone on to pursue professional careers in music and perform at high end corporate events: Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Awards 2017-19, Selfridges 2011-19 and many more. Bianca has been at the heart of arranging songs and mash-ups to the success of APAA. Furthermore she continually looks to improve our repertoire, vocal technique and execution. Bianca is very personable and connects well with young people/adults individually and in group settings, working with over 200 APAA students. As skilled as she is musically, Bianca is also highly professional and efficient when facilitating sessions. If you want the best, vocally you go to B!



Bianca is knowledgeable but also kind and patient. In my time working with her, I've seen improvement in my vocal ability and I believe it to be a result of her patient, thorough instruction. She inspires confidence and encourages you to strive for more and for better. In short, she's great! Indeed the Vocalnova.



I cannot express in words just how incredible Bianca is as a tutor & a mentor... But I’m gonna try anyway! -Through experiencing her teaching first hand... she immediately makes a connection with you in a way that makes you feel so comfortable at ease like you’ve known her for years. Regardless of wether you’re in a large/small group or 1-2-1. That is the first & foremost step towards building CONFIDENCE in a singer at any level... —THEN there’s the technical & vocal journey that Bianca will take you on! She not only brings out the absolute best in you, but you won’t even realise it! You’ll be smiling, laughing & having fun along the way, as you work towards becoming a better vocalist! That being said! will also continuously be challenged & lead step outside your normal perimeter of comfort with the right level of discipline & reinforcement! But I guarantee you will enjoy every minute & go away stronger & better than you came! -Her harmony arrangements & ear for pure MAGIC & originality are second to none! She will take any sound & turn it into something that audiences can’t help but adore & admire. We’ve had audiences in tears because they are so moved. We’ve hade audiences sing & dance along without a care in the world because they are so inspired. Ultimately... as far as music entertainment goes that’s as much as any vocalist could want from a performance! -That same connection that Bianca makes with individuals, she completely understands how to pass that on to her students to make a connection with theIr audience/spectators. I can honestly say B’s compassion, passion & skills have lead myself & the group I’m a part of to improve massively! Thankyou B! Blessings upon blessings.



We are ever grateful for the workshops that were provided by Bianca. Her encouragement and guidance were very much appreciated. Furthermore to our surprise she was able to provide us comfort and enjoyment through songs that we hadn't heard or sang in over 40 years! Every session we learnt how to be better singers and much of the information and experience that we had with Bianca will be cherished. Although we are seen as elderly people, we've still got it! Thank you for helping us to relive our passion through song Bianca.

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